Every day we help our customers to seize all the tax incentive opportunities that the legislative landscape offers

Italian companies and permanent establishments in Italy of foreign companies can enjoy special tax regimes designed to stimulate the development of innovative activities and research and development activities, as well as investments in capital goods and training as well as to support specific sectors, districts or particular geographical areas. 

Our experience and expertise on such topics allows our professionals to proactively assist our clients in order to seize every opportunity that such incentive tools can offer. In particular, in-depth knowledge of tax matters together with the use of state-of-the-art methodologies and digital processes and constant study and updating on the various regulatory interventions allow RSM Studio Tributario e Societario to provide assistance at every stage of the project, from scouting to the implementation of the tax benefits, including the management of relations with the tax authorities. 

The Tax incentives team, with its in-depth knowledge of various industries, is able to support various clients in planning business strategies that take into account all forms of incentives and relief for which they are eligible in order to support their growth and improve their cash flow.

Our services include:

  • support in choosing available incentives, based on the company's activities and projects
  • preparation of documentation for accessing the incentive
  • cost reporting and tax compliance management
  • assistance in dealing with institutions, ministries, regions, managing entities, tax authorities
  • preparation of monitoring systems
  • assistance in the event of any litigation

The main incentives areas in which we operate include:

  • R&D – Research & Development (Patent Box, R&D Tax Credits, Digital innovation, Design)
  • Industria 4.0 (Investments in capital goods, Education 4.0)
  • Sectoral incentives (Cinema, Advertising / Publishing, Sports Clubs, Local Authorities)
  • Incentives for capitalisation (ACE)
  • Real estate incentives (Superbonus 110%, Ecobonus, Sismabonus, Facades Bonus, etc)
  • Calls for contributions (European, National, Regional)
  • Development contracts