The indirect tax landscape is constantly evolving worldwide due to both a generalized increased tax burden and increasingly stringent reporting and compliance requirements. Combining our experience with knowledge of various product sectors, our professionals support their clients in the technical, organizational and process management of all indirect tax issues.

The preparation of VAT returns of professionals and entrepreneurs, Italian permanent establishments and companies as well as the management of all related obligations require specialized knowledge, both of the regulations concerning domestic and international relations and of the sectors in which the company operates. 

The professionals at RSM Studio Tributario e Societario have many years of experience in VAT compliance services and will take care of the return activities and tax obligations for you with the frequency appropriate to the size of your business and group. 

Economic transactions can have implications in terms of registration tax or other indirect taxes that, although often referred to as "minor," can be significant in amount. In this, the professionals at RSM Studio Tributario e Societario, combining technical knowledge with knowledge related to different industries, will also assist you in identifying areas of risk and opportunities for sustainable planning of indirect taxes through the entire tax life cycle, supporting you in meeting your legal obligations. 

As part of this activity, the VAT team may provide services such as:

  • VAT registration
  • direct identification in Italy of EU-based companies and entrepreneurs
  • appointment of tax representatives in Italy for non-EU companies and entrepreneurs
  • drafting and preparation of VAT returns
  • preparation and filing of VAT communications, “Spesometro”, Black List, etc;
  • planning of the more appropriate VAT regime for the business
  • assistance in exercising the option for group VAT liquidation
  • assistance in obtaining VAT refunds