We are very proud to announce that The Great Place to Work certifier has awarded RSM Brazil as one of the best companies to work for in the country.

A series of independent surveys were conducted in which employees were anonymously asked questions about important aspects of their work environment. RSM Brazil achieved recognition after it gained an approval rating of 88% from its employees, with other companies gaining an average approval rating of 59%.

"The truth is that certification was not the ultimate goal, but rather to create a cultural revolution that would empower and inspire our talent. However, certification acts like a compass that lets us know we are headed in the right direction. We aim to have sustainable development by improving our social standards, whilst also attracting and retaining the best talent in the market”, comments Leonardo Biar, Office Managing Partner at RSM Brazil.

In 2016, RSM Brazil developed a strategic plan focused on ambitious growth, seeking to double its size in the coming years. To achieve this, the leadership team wanted their talent to be motivated, focused, and moving in the same direction. Mapping out all of the areas with room for improvement, the leadership team then decided to undertake a major transformation process. The goal was to empower each person within the Firm to achieve more and to feel a space of trust where they could be the best version of themselves.

RSM Brazil created a Human Resources team made up exclusively of Psychology professionals, who, in addition to overseeing issues related to compensation and benefits, put themselves at the service of all areas of the Firm. Above all, this was to provide guidance and support during the pandemic.

“Our objective is to maintain the certification, always striving to make RSM Brazil the best company to work for in the country. We don't need a label, we want to keep improving through creativity, innovation, and, most importantly, through a genuine desire to build a place where everyone wants to come to work”, explains Elizangela Bonomi, Human Resources Manager of RSM Brazil.

“They say that crises can bring out the best in ourselves, and RSM Latin America is very proud that RSM Brazil has achieved this certification, precisely in times as complex as the pandemic. This speaks of empathy and is an example that The Power of Being Understood always begins at home”, comments Eileen Turkot, Regional Leader of RSM Latin America.