As the world grapples with the escalating challenges of climate change, it has become imperative that all organisations play their part in better understanding - and then seeking to diminish - any negative impact they may be making on the world around them. For any professional services network, this presents a unique challenge as each independent Member Firm is responsible for effecting change across the types of operational choices that affect the volume and nature of direct and indirect emissions. Calculating our global Corporate Carbon Footprint across Member Firms in nearly 100 countries, with unique factors to take into consideration across each territory, and in the absence of global reporting standards, has been a challenging process. As one of the few global professional services networks to undertake this exercise, our determination to do so reflects the importance we place on climate action.

As one of the largest audit, tax and consulting organisations in the world, we recognise the role we must play in inspiring change and in being an advocate for transparency and collective responsibility. Whilst many of our Member Firms have been calculating their carbon footprint for a number of years, and can be considered true leaders in this area, this is the first time RSM has calculated its global Corporate Carbon Footprint.

This report includes activities from 2022 across all Member Firms encompassing more than 500 offices and 47,000 people. In line with the commitments we have collectively made in our 2030 Global Strategy to ensure we consider responsible environmental, social and governance practice in everything we do, we remain committed to an annual tracking process and to carbon reduction benchmarks and goals.