The global healthcare and life sciences sectors face a range of operational, financial and regulatory challenges. From the consequences of pandemics to advances in digital capabilities, organisations in this sector require knowledgeable guidance to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Quality of services to patients, financial accountability and performance are often under scrutiny. We can help you meet these challenges effectively with a range of specialist services tailored to your needs. 

Across the RSM Network, we work with healthcare businesses worldwide to address the issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow. Our team has in-depth industry experience working with clients across healthcare and life science including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and the digital transformation of health systems.

The pursuit of healthier lifestyles is fuelling an increased appetite for healthcare products and services in the biotechnology industry. We support businesses to commercialise their innovations and take advantage of any incentives and credits including those available for research and development.

Digital transformation can help healthcare organisations to improve, expand access to services, and deliver a more effective patient and clinician experience. However, the digitalisation of systems can lead to increased levels of risk. We advise healthcare companies on how to introduce new digital ways of working whilst minimising these risks.

Advancing technology is continuously proving its value in improving patient experiences and outcomes within the medical sector. We are excited to work with innovative medical technology companies to help them solve their complex business challenges so they can focus on changing lives with new devices and technology.

New streams of revenue were created for healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses as many pivoted resources to support the pandemic. Pharmaceutical companies navigated supply chain disruptions, advances in technology and pressures from clinical trials. Our global advisors provide support on regulation, compliance and funding whilst assisting you to create a competitive advantage for your business.

Case study

RSM helps French pharma with complex U.S. acquisition integration

"Because of RSM’s extensive life sciences industry knowledge and proficiency in global acquisition needs, timely, optimal services were provided allowing Servier to meet their aggressive acquisition timeline and be ready for Day One with core accounting systems and operations." 

John Lanza 
Life Sciences Leader 

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