Challenges and Opportunities in the Agro-Business Sector in Mozambique

At RSM, we understand the challenges and barriers to investment in Mozambique as well as the unique conditions that investors face when trying to identify new opportunities in the agricultural sector here. We want to guide you by offering you high quality solutions:

  • Identification of Investment Opportunities within the Agricultural Sector;
  • Feasibility analysis of agricultural investments;
  • Development of operational and business management plans;
  • Risk assessments;
  • Optimization of operations as well as financial, commercial, legal and technical activities;
  • Promotion and facilitation of investments;
  • Investor Targeting;
  • Capital Raising and Investor Engagement.


At RSM, we take the time to understand your needs and to adopt the best practices that can put us by your side as a trusted partner.


Edite Félix Langa
Advisory Manager

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