It is vital that an organisation’s governance, risk and compliance models align with and enable the organisation’s business strategy in order to avoid risk, achieve business objectives and create value.


Not only is this important to meet legal and regulatory obligations, but it is also crucial for risk management planning, workplace behaviour, and ethical decision making.


RSM understands the complex challenges you face and are here to help you ensure that you get the most value from your governance and risk management. We achieve this through reviewing, refining, designing and implementing practical and proportionate governance risk and compliance management solutions. 

Regulatory compliance can help you to build trust with the regulators and give you assurance that you are receiving an adequate level of value, without putting your organisation and customers at unnecessary risk. Having effective controls and systems in place can also be a powerful tool to give your organisation a competitive advantage. RSM can work with you to develop a tailored controls assurance framework that aligns to your business objectives and complies with your regulatory requirements.

Our support includes:

- Assistance and support in dealing with regulatory enforcement actions and remediation exercises;

- Providing an assessment of current and future regulatory risk profile and impact of new regulations;

- Effectiveness reviews of current compliance departments and assist in managing regulatory capital requirements;

- Independent assurance on regulatory financial statements;

- Developing and implementing a risk-based compliance control framework and monitoring programme;

- Helping to increase the profile of regulation and an appropriate compliance culture within your business;

- Evaluation of strategic implications of new regulations and integration into business model.

Business process reengineering can help an organization improve its performance by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes that exist across the organization.  In addition to the redesigning of business processes, it also involves the redesigning of associated systems and organizational structures.

Our BPR approach involves the analysis and transformation of several major components of a business. These including its: Strategy, Organization, Processes, Technology and Culture. 

Our support includes: 

- Business process mapping to provide a deeper focus on eliminating non-value-added activities, simplifying processes, and reducing waste to improve efficiency and productivity;

- Internal Policy review;

- Development of internal policies and procedure manuals through an assessment of redundancies that can be eliminated thus optimizing workflows, and leveraging technology;

- Enhanced innovation through initiatives to foster a culture of innovation, where new ideas and approaches are welcomed;

- Support in the identification of tailored initiatives that promote employee engagement, such as Quality Management - Quality Assurance and ISO certifications.

Risk is not a once-off situation or compliance issue but rather an on-going consideration. To ensure successful organisational control, it is essential to implement and entrench an effective risk management system into the organisation’s strategic and operational decision-making processes. 

At RSM, we use a tailored approached to ERM, ensuring that we take into account the industry issues, trends, challenges and regulatory requirements relevant to your organisation.

Our approach is broken into three key areas:

Risk Management Policy/Framework & Strategy

RSM will assess your operations and controls to give you a clear picture of your current position and guide you to understand the risks facing your organisation. We can then assist you to introduce a risk management strategy and framework which covers your people, technology, internal control procedures and security.

Risk Awareness Training

It is important to ensure that all relevant individuals throughout the organisation are trained appropriately and given an understanding od what is expected.

Risk Identification & Evaluation

We work with you to identify these risks and evaluate their potential threat to your organization to ensure it  has appropriate controls in place to protect the organisation.


RSM can assist you in the following ways:

- Assist you to determine your risk appetite and risk maturity, and to create, implement, and maintain a risk management framework suitable to your needs;

- Prepare a comprehensive risk management strategy, covering your people, your information systems, and your processes;

- Risk assessment facilitation through risk workshops;

- Risk identification and evaluation;

- Risk register compilation and maintenance, including risk and control mapping and business process mapping.

To provides an organisation's board of directors with an assessment of the existing corporate governance structures. The resulting report sets out recommendations to:

- Improve governance structures;

- Suggests practical measures to increase accountability and transparency across the organisation; and

- Highlights steps that should be considered to enhance the quality and frequency of management information supplied to the board.

RSM holds extensive experience across the full spectrum of ESG in various industry sectors. We can bring together a team of in-house expertise in your industry to help you with:

- ESG Maturity Assessments;

- Development of ESG Strategies and Comprehensive ESG Roadmaps, that breakdown silos and aim to enable a holistic view of ESG;

- Establishing ESG Governance Frameworks and Structures.

Your people are a key line of defence for numerous risks within your business

RSM can provide comprehensive regulatory and compliance training on a number of significant business arears that your people need to understand. Our tailored training programmes guide key individuals in your business on regulatory rules, their related risks and the impact these may have on your organisation.

All training materials have been developed by our subject matter experts to cover the key areas of concern and can be customised to incorporate the unique requirements of your organisation. We also utilise practical examples to provide context.

The training areas we cover include:

 - Corporate Governance 

 - Risk management

 - Internal audit

 - ISO Certifications 

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