In Mozambique, all acts related to corporate companies must be registered and published in accordance by the Commercial Code. 

The registration of corporate acts takes place at the Registrar of Legal Entities - CREL, where all alterations or modifications of facts relating to the legal status of the company must be registered. 

In addition to registration, the act subject to registration must be published so that it may be enforceable against third parties. In this scope, the publication consists in giving publicity to the current legal status of the company, having as main objective to guarantee the preservation and predictability of the business relations, both between the companies and the public institutions.

Thus, the publication of acts relating to corporate companies must be made in the Boletim da República through an extract for publication purposes signed by the Registrar who proceeded with the registration of the act to be published. 

In conclusion, the publicity of the legal status of the companies allows potential national or foreign investors, knowing the capacity of a certain business company by its share capital, object of the business, among other determining factors, to establish or sign business partnerships among themselves, which certainly presents an advantage to both parties. 

We point out that all acts related to business companies need to be registered, from their incorporation, modification, to their extinction, since failure to comply with the duty of registration and publication is punishable under the law.



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