As RSM’s Development Consulting Department, we monitor and evaluate social projects for various organizations. We work in several areas of activity and have extensive experience in projects in the fields of Health and Gender, especially in sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence (GBV). 

We have done fieldwork in several provinces of the country and one of the evaluations we are currently working on is for a project in Cabo Delgado, focused on GBV and the quality and effectiveness of the associated justice services. To this end, we conducted more than 450 interviews in two weeks, in 4 districts, at community level and with formal and informal justice providers. Being a quantitative study, it is guided by a high level of accuracy and quality, both in data collection and analysis.

Because we believe it is important to prioritize respondent comfort, we worked with a team of enumerators familiar with the local languages and composed mostly of women. Considering the sensitivity of the topics covered, the enumerators received specific training on GBV, the importance of a victim-centered approach and the ethical principles that guide the investigation: voluntary participation, do-not-harm, anonymity and confidentiality. Since victims of GBV constitute a vulnerable population, the fieldwork was conducted in partnership with an institution focused on GBV that has specialized Case Managers, whose contacts were shared with the respondents when needed.

Fieldwork always has obstacles, especially in a risky province like Cabo Delgado, due to the insurgency situation. Sometimes we must replace the communities we were supposed to visit for security reasons, other times we must find ways to reach almost inaccessible communities, and we always have to take into account the necessary authorizations to carry out these interviews. However, we always work to find the best solutions and consistently collect reliable and quality data. 

It is through this data that we are able to make baseline evaluations that help humanitarian organizations develop and implement projects based on the real needs of the population, as well as final evaluations that show the true impact of a project, the approaches that actually work and can be replicated and what can be improved in future interventions. Our goal is to provide evidence-based reports that translate the reality in the field, so that the approaches of these organizations can have a real impact on their beneficiaries.

It is very rewarding to be able to work with these communities and organizations, contributing to projects that aim to improve the living conditions of the Mozambican population. 

This is the reason why, as RSM’s Development Consulting department, we remain committed to always giving our best to offer a service of excellence to our partners, so they can succeed in their social projects and help in the development of Mozambique.


Catarina Alves

Consultant at RSM´s Development Consulting Department