The Importance of Training and Development of Employees

The world is constantly changing and, as a consequence of these changes, new models have emerged in the organizational environment.

Leaders have identified new needs on the employees profiles. Nowadays, it is very common to see companies investing in training and development of their employees, starting from the strategic up to the operational level.

This action has become the result of the changes that have now gained space, generating a very common practices which have become inevitable, such as technology, the information and communications.

With this in mind, it is necessary to adapt and develop management strategies, which must now suit these new needs.

In face of this new reality, the training and development of employees has proved to be essential to achieve company goals. Companies try to adapt their strategies to management models, methods and techniques solely focused on effectiveness and profit for the business of the company.

In order for the companies to understand and development new learning skills, they need to work on the organizational methods and management practices, acknowledge the changes on the environment around them.

The positive outcome from the training and development process of companies depends solely on the alignment of employee’s goals to the common organizational goal. For this to happen, the employees must be mindful of the perspective of the company’s future, it must be a motivating factor for the leaders as well as the employees.

People are very important to the success of any contemporary company. Based on this assumption, stimulating people's growth is a responsibility of the leaders. If people are encouraged to grow professionally having their goals aligned with the company goals, the possibility of succeeding is higher.

People are the essential principle of their dynamics, they put on efforts in activities and processes, innovate, create, recreate contexts and situations that can help the company to position itself in a competitive, cooperative and differentiated way with clients, other companies and the business environment.

Investing in training and development of people in the organizational environment is to invest in the internal clients and consequently in better quality of service, higher productivity, overcoming goals, better quality of life, and last but not least, better organizational outcome.


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