Recently, the Legal Framework for Foreign Citizens was completely changed, in response to the challenges imposed by the dynamics of controlling migratory movement and fight against illegal immigration.

Thus, under the terms of Law no. 23/2022, of 29 December, visas have undergone the following changes:

Currently the entry visa is individual and can be single or multiple, i.e. the entry visa can no longer be collective.

Besides the visa modalities foreseen by the repealed Law, the new legal framework establishes the following visas: work visa, border visa, temporary stay visa, crew transhipment visa, visa for sport or cultural activities, visa for investment activities and visa for humanitarian assistance.

Although the requirements for visa exemption fixed by the revoked provision are maintained, the new legal provision foresees that, considering the interest of the State, the Government can define the countries whose citizens are exempt from entry visa to stay in Mozambique for a period not exceeding 90 days, per year.

Regarding the new visa modalities, the new legal framework for foreign citizens, approved by Law no. 23/2022, of 29 December, establishes the following:

Diplomatic, Courtesy and Official Visa- this visa is only granted to the foreign citizen holding a diplomatic, service or ordinary passport, who comes to Mozambique on a diplomatic, service visit or at the invitation of the local authorities. It is valid for two entries and allows a stay of up to 30 days.

  •        Business Visa - the reason for granting this visa is business prospecting, conducting scientific research, participating in meetings, workshops, general meetings, establishing contacts with companies and other related events, that is, this visa does not entitle its holder to work or reside in Mozambique. Being valid for multiple entries, the business visa allows its holder to stay up to 90 days, non-extendable, counted from the date of the first entry.
  •       Student Visa - although the wording of the referred visa has been maintained, the new legal framework establishes that the educational institutions are now obliged to communicate to the Immigration Services any change in the condition of foreign students within 90 days.
  •       Work Visa - this visa allows the foreign national to exercise, temporarily, a remunerated activity, being necessary for the employing entity to observe the legal formalities for contracting foreign labor. As a result, the foreign citizen must dedicate himself exclusively to the service of the employer that requested him. For this reason, the employer is solely responsible for paying all expenses inherent to repatriation in the event of cancellation of the visa, termination of the employment relationship or expulsion.

In relation to validity, the work visa allows its holder multiple entries and stay for a period of up to one year, extendable for an equal period, in accordance with the work contract.

  •         Border Visa - granted at the border crossing points, in cases where the foreign citizen comes from a country where there is no diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Mozambique, the border visa allows the holder two entries and stay up to 30 days, non-extendable. On the other hand, this visa does not allow its holder to obtain a residence and work permit.
  •        Temporary Stay Visa - this is granted to the foreign spouse and minor or incapacitated children of the foreign citizen holding a work visa or foreign investment visa. This visa may also be granted to foreign citizens travelling to Mozambique for medical treatment or who come to Mozambique to perform religious or volunteer activities.
  •        Investment Activity Visa - is only granted to the investor, representative, proxy or holder of management bodies of an investing company, allowing the holder to enter Mozambique for the purpose of implementing an investment project worth US$ 500,000 or more, approved by the competent authority.

It is important to highlight that just like the work visa, in this case the formalities for hiring foreign labor must also be observed.

Besides allowing multiple entries to its holder, the visa for investment activity may be valid for up to two years, in cases where the investment is equal or superior to 500 thousand US dollars, and five years in cases where the investment is equal or superior to 50 million US dollars.

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