The Voice of ESG

The world is in transition towards a sustainable economy that is climate neutral, where raw materials are reused and diversity is a priority. Companies will have to take Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects into account in running their business. At RSM we believe that ESG is a defining factor to remain successful in future. By considering ESG, companies determine the role they play in society and the value they add for their stakeholders.

On a monthly basis, we will select a number of ESG-topics that are relevant to internationally active companies. These topics are explored through different perspectives, ranging from Risk & Control, Supply Chain Management, to HR and International Taxation. As part of the service that you may expect from us, we feel that it is important not only to share current ESG-developments but we aim also to offer our views on the potential impact now and going forward.

June 2022

Does a more sustainable future really begin with you? 

Part of the problem with envisioning a sustainable future is that the future is so difficult to predict. As an individual it’s even more difficult to comprehend what role you can play in creating a more sustainable future and if your actions make an impact in the grand scheme of things. This is why so often people fall back on the safety net of believing that it is up to the big corporations, politicians and policy makers to lead the transition towards a sustainable and equitable economy. Here is my argument to stop underestimating the influence you have and start taking action.

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How your corporate culture can impact your reputation and business

Corporate culture is a strong predictor of company success. This is shown by a number of cases in which the culture turned out to be detrimental to the business. What can happen and what you could do to prevent this is described in this article.

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Tunnel vision on Green House Gas emissions isn’t sufficient to deliver on climate goals

The importance of ESG has been increasing for many years, with the aim of keeping a prosperous and safe planet where no one gets left behind. However, the main focus has been on reducing CO2 emissions and energy usage. This singular focus has its shortcomings and in this article, the importance of focusing on resource usage and the circular economy to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement are outlined.

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Here is the T(ax) in ESG

There is a significant need for corporate tax strategy to have a far more prominent role in ESG policies and a consideration of how this can happen.

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