Transaction Advisory Services

Minimizing risk, maximizing returns.

The goal of any business – but easier said than done.

At RSM, we understand that a variety of factors and tensions come into play when you’re dealing with complex transactions. Whether that transaction is an acquisition, forming a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital or releasing funds through a sale or restructure, your business deserves advice that is sound, practical and innovative.

Our transaction support services are designed to deliver just that. Based on decades of experience consulting clients on both a national and international level, RSM’s transaction advisory solutions can help ensure that next big step for your business makes the impact you desire.

Our transaction services

We offer a number of transaction advisory services to our clients:

Mergers and acquisitions – acquisition due diligence

  • We can offer transaction support at every stage of the acquisition process, assisting with:
  • Understanding the performance of the target company
  • Identification and analysis of the business, cash and key value drivers behind the acquisition price
  • Identification of potential risks
  • Maximization of financial and tax positions
  • Drafting and implementation of price adjustments or warranty and indemnity clauses
  • Post-acquisition audit and opening of the balance sheet

Mergers and acquisitions – vendor due diligence

  • We offer the same level of transaction support on sale processes, assisting with:
  • Identification and prioritization of factors that will increase sale business value
  • Compilation of pro forma financial information
  • Analysis of past performance and creation or review of business plans
  • Data management to showcase information
  • Guidance through the negotiation process
  • Maximization of financial and tax positions
  • Drafting of price adjustments or warranty and indemnity clauses
  • Input on management of potential litigation or claim processes

Funding advisory and securitization

Our funding advisory team can provide you with relevant advice on fund raising. We can help you determine the optimal capital structure for your business and assist you in raising the needed funds. We can also assist you in the creation of financial instruments through the combination of other financial assets. This process promotes liquidity in the marketplace and enables you to raise required funds.

Corporate restructuring services

Our corporate restructuring services offer a comprehensive solution for organizations facing restricting issues. We can help you improve your organizational structure and make internal operations more efficient. We will identify operational inefficiencies, enabling you to save costs and reduce overheads. Our professionals will work with you to define and implement an overall strategic turnaround and restructuring plan.

Debt restructuring services

Our debt restructuring services assist companies that are going through financial difficulties and are having difficulty meeting their obligations. Our transaction advisory restructuring specialists can help you negotiate with creditors to reduce the burden and avoid bankruptcy.

Valuation and fairness opinion

We can help you determine a range of values for your business, investments, and assets using appropriate valuation techniques and methodologies. We can assist in forecasting the financial effects of a business restructuring, assist with price allocation during an acquisition, and help you better understand your revenues, expenses, and profits. Our transaction support service professionals are also qualified to render fairness opinions during the course of financial transactions.

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