RSM Serbia d.o.o. Belgrade RSM International is 1 name, 1 network, 120 countries around the world, 820 offices, over 64,000 employees 

RSM Serbia d.o.o. Belgrade (RSM), a full member of the RSM International network: a Serbian audit firm, as well as a 100% privately owned tax advisory firm and consulting firm, founded in 1990 in Belgrade.

Focused on exceeding expectations - At RSM, we believe in giving clients more. More understanding. More expertise. More confidence.

Collaboration globally and locally - We believe in providing all our clients with a consistent service that goes above and beyond their expectations, wherever they are in the world. That means supporting you with valuable expertise from a local perspective combined with the international knowledge and insights of our global professionals. This dual perspective empowers you to face the future with confidence.

Senior expertise, ideas and insights - We believe that every one of our clients deserves access to the invaluable knowledge and industry acumen of our most senior global professionals. Whether you’re an SME or a multi-national, you can always depend on the latest thinking from some of our industry’s most respected practitioners. We’re proud to share their expertise with you, responding with speed and agility so you can meet each new challenge armed with all the relevant knowledge and insights.

Our history:        
Today's RSM Serbia is a complex organization that operates unitedly within RSM International. The original organization was called SAM Consulting, formed by the initiative of prof. Dr. Miroslav Milojević, together with prof. Dr. Siniša Zarić and Aleksandar Denda. Important advisors at the very beginning were prof. Dr. Stevan Kukoleča and prof. Dr. Živko Kostić. 

The formation of this organization followed the initiative of these people, and the initiative arose within the project of the Federal Government of the SFRY, where the project Restructuring of the Yugoslav economy by introducing small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship was formed at the initiative of this group. SAM Consulting was formed on September 1, 1990. year, as a social enterprise whose founder was the Republican Conference of the Association of Socialist Youth of Serbia. Its first director was Miroslav Milojević. For a short time, SAM Consulting was financed from budget funds, and then switched to self-financing. 

The program for the realization of which the organization was founded was part of the program of the Federal Government and related to the transformation of the Yugoslav socialist economy in the market, with a special area of developing small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship. 

The turbulent 90s of the previous century were very difficult circumstances for the realization of SAM Consulting's goals, so everything went very slowly. In mid-1992, the social enterprise SAM Consulting was privatized, and in 1994 it changed its name to the Institute for Economics and Finance. 

During the 90s, the program under which the Institute for Economics and Finance operated was mainly privatization, which took place in Serbia for a whole decade without being completed, because it was organized with a lot of indecision. Only the Privatization Law of 1997 brought much more stimulus and determination, but even that wave of privatization did not end privatization. Only after the overthrow of the socialist order with the help of Western mentors (2000), and the formation of the Privatization Agency, was a decisive blow to the old system of relations. 

In 2000, the Institute for Economics and Finance formed IEF, whose director is Stanimirka Svičević. This company had an exclusive activity - auditing. It had to be so because the Law on Auditing from 1997 specifically required that audits be carried out by organizations that have only that activity. During the first decade of the 21st century, the Institute for Economics and Finance played a very prominent role in the preparation of companies for privatization, which took place through the Privatization Agency. The IEF has been very successful in its audit work. 

The first decade of this century can be marked as a period of significant business and developmental success for these organizations. 

In 2009, IEF joined Polaris, the association of auditors, and gained its first international experience within the framework of this association.

 In 2012, IEF joined RSM, a global network of auditors, tax advisors and consultants, gaining correspondent status. 

In 2017, IEF became a full member of RSM, and operates under the name RSM Serbia. 

YearChanges through time
  • IEF received the status of a full member of the RSM global network 
  • IEF changed its name to RSM Serbia 
  • The Institute of Economics and Finance became part of the franchise agreement with RSM and changed its name to RSM Advisory
  • IEF received the status of correspondent firm in RSM, a global network of auditors, tax advisors and consultants 
  • IEF became a member of the Polaris association 
  • Established IEF as an audit firm
  • SAM Consulting changed its name to the Institute for Economics and Finance 
  • A new program was set up, the original one was abandoned 
  • Through privatization, SAM Consulting became a private company 
  • At the initiative of the Federal Government of the SFRY, the Republican Conference of the Socialist Youth Alliance founded SAM Consulting, with the aim of implementing a special federal government program.