RSM Serbia provides a wide range of professional transaction advisory services designed to provide full confidence for buyers and sellers when assessing business opportunities.   

Financial due diligence 

Financial due diligence is a core component of company transactions, arising from the need for exercising due care in entrepreneurs’ operations. Our services enable a clear evaluation of opportunities and risks to substantially strengthen the buyer’s position with the information obtained. 

Our financial due diligence support can be designed to suit your needs and may include the following: 

  • Analysis of assets, financial position, and income-generating capacity 
  • Preparation of adjusted historic performance and key cash-flow indicators 
  • Analysis of risks, opportunities, and sensitivity in corporate planning 
  • Fiscal analysis of a company with the primary aim of detecting concealed liabilities and risks 
  • Market analysis with respect to market share, segmentation, growth, and competitive position of a company 
  • Development of solutions and strategies for potential deal breakers 
  • Identification of contingent and doubtful liabilities and other commitments 

Financial due diligence helps identify hidden risks and opportunities, reduce transaction risk by improving the basis of information, and strengthens the negotiating position of a buyer. 

Business appraisal 

Company valuation is of essential importance, regardless of whether it concerns valuation of operations/assets for:  

  • Courts of law 
  • Tax authorities 
  • Regulatory agencies  
  • Shareholders or enterprises   
  • ​Independent assessments to determine conversion ratios, compensations within restructuring, or valuation in the context of related-party transactions for tax authorities 

When creating and designing business appraisals, we deploy our comprehensive economic and legal know-how to achieve a result that is tailored to your individual needs. If required, we engage experts with a special knowledge of the specific industry/country or experts from other fields of assessment. 

Our business appraisal specialists offer valuation services in all areas including: 

  • Acquisitions and divestments 
  • Restructuring and privatization 
  • Tax purposes 
  • IFRS-conformed reporting   
  • Insolvency purposes 
  • Litigation purposes 
  • Investment purposes 
  • ​Real-estate transaction purposes 

We are listed as approved valuers with the leading Serbian banks. 


Companies must be able to change their legal form, outsource, reorganize, or transfer operations, merge with other companies or terminate existing joint ventures quickly, easily and with minimal tax burden.  

With that goal in mind, EU-lawmakers and national legislators created regulations that, in most cases, enable tax-neutral performance of such procedures. These procedures are summarized as restructurings. However, there are a number of requirements and legal regulations to be met in order for the aforementioned procedures to be tax neutral.  

To help you choose the optimal approach and implement it quickly and cost-effectively, we provide restructuring solutions in:  

  • National and cross-border mergers 
  • Transformations  
  • Insertions 
  • Fusions 
  • Asset splits 
  • ​Divisions 

Transaction support 

Our transaction support services are as follows: 

Contract support 
A conclusion of a company transaction contract is often followed by a lengthy renegotiation process or even disputes regarding interpretation of certain clauses. That is why our consulting service also includes assistance in creating company transaction contracts related to finance and accounting. We support you in eliminating contract risks revealed by due diligence and in structuring a purchase contract that is in your economic interest. 

Financial data book 
A financial data book comprises all relevant company and financial data requested by interested parties in the context of a due diligence process. We support you in identifying the key information requested by potential buyers, verifying data, and compiling a financial data book. 

Data room support 
Data rooms are used in cases when the seller wants to disclose large amounts of confidential data to potential buyers. This typically happens during a due diligence process. Our transaction services include both data room preparation and management: 

  • Consultation on data room construction 
  • ​Consultation on compiling information required by potential buyers 
  • Construction of a physical or virtual data room 
  • Support in preparation of information 
  • Support in operating a data room during a sale process 

Anti-trust clearance 

Anti-trust laws aim to encourage fair competition by limiting the market power of individual firms. When relevant, our anti-trust clearance experts can assess risks and represent your company to secure regulatory approval. We can support you through: 

Take advantage of our transaction advisory solutions 

Transaction advisory plays a key role in ensuring business opportunities are comprehensively assessed and efficiently executed. 

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