We make our resources available to foreign companies and groups seeking to establish a local presence in Serbia.  

Our most-demanded services include: 

  • Start-up services 
  • Payroll services 
  • HR support 
  • Immigration services 

Contact our team today to discover how we can support your ambitions, or alternatively, learn more about each of these core service areas below.  

Start-up services 

Our start-up specialists fully understand the needs of start-ups and are pleased to offer the following services: 

  • Formation and domiciliation of companies 
  • ​Communication services 
  • Directorial/secretarial/domiciliation services 
  • Provision of meeting rooms/office premises 

Start-up services that meet your needs 

As an investor or entrepreneur, you’ll want to get started doing business in Serbia as soon as possible. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of company formation services. Not only that, we will also provide a company seat (address), carry out administrative work, business communication support with regulatory bodies, and do market research to gather useful information for your company.  

We have considerable experience in working with international companies starting business in Serbia. Therefore, we will properly prepare everything you need to successfully embark on your new venture. 

Most-demanded start-up services 

  • Company formation, covering everything that is necessary to make it legal 
  • ​Provision of headquarters and registration with statutory bodies 
  • Performance of accounting and tax services 
  • Termination of operations and liquidation of companies 

Payroll services 

We provide full payroll processing services in compliance with Serbian law. In addition, we offer comprehensive consultancy and guidance through the labor legislation in force. We’ll ensure payroll records are safely stored and effectively protected against misuse. 

From payroll advisory services to full outsourcing, we can create a package tailored to your needs. We offer: 

  • Outsourcing of payroll and personnel services 
  • ​Payroll audit 

Payroll outsourcing includes the following services: 

  • Monthly payroll and other payment processing and reporting 
  • Employee attendance records 
  • Payroll payments made on your behalf or directly to your internet banking system 
  • Accounting documents prepared and automatically transferred to your accounting system 
  • Registration with the social security administration, health insurance companies and tax authorities 
  • Registration and de-registration of employees with health insurance companies and social security administration 
  • Delivery of summaries to pension funds and life insurance companies 
  • Pension insurance registration documents (ELDP) 
  • Annual income tax statements for employees 
  • Annual reporting to tax authorities, including advance income tax statements, withholding tax statements 
  • Completion of statistical reports 
  • Notifications of compliance with the legislation 
  • ​Data protection through the delivery of payroll e-slips with personalized code 

Advantages of outsourcing payroll services with us 

  • Enables you to focus on your core business by delegating responsibilities 
  • Significant cost savings  
  • Extensive range of payroll services, including expenses calculations and bonus payments 
  • Confidentiality increased considerably – no risk of information leakage within your company 
  • Higher level of professionalism and quality 
  • ​Reporting and archiving of documents based on your requirements 

HR support 

We perform a variety of personnel-related administrative tasks. We handle sensitive information confidentially and provide HR support in the following duties: 

  • Enhancing the work environment by supporting and improving all HR functions 
  • Posting job ads on careers pages and processing incoming resumes 
  • Updating HR databases (e.g., new hires, termination of employment, vacation and sick leave) 
  • Processing employee requests and providing relevant information 
  • Maintaining employee records (soft and hard copies) 
  • Assisting in payroll preparation by providing relevant data, like absences, bonuses, and leaves 
  • Preparing paperwork for HR policies and procedures, ensuring that the company documentation is up to date and aligned with the latest Serbian regulations  
  • Consultations on various aspects of labor law, providing clear interpretations of rules to employees and to the company 
  • Following labor-law-related changes and keeping the entity and employees up to date 
  • Preparing necessary amendments, contracts and other labor-law-related official documents 
  • Providing guidance and support in implementing internal regulations and company procedures 
  • Preparing reports and presentations for internal communications 
  • ​Providing orientations for new employees by sharing onboarding packages and explaining company policies 

Immigration services 

Obtaining residence and work permits for foreign employees in Serbia 
Our immigration specialists can handle the complete residence and work permit procedure for foreign employees working in Serbia, either in specific locations or the entire territory. 

Why choose our HR immigration services? 
We provide delegated foreign employees with all the information they need to apply for residence and work permits in English and in Serbian. 

The delegated employees remain responsible for providing us with the documents prescribed for residence and work permit applications. We can assist them in obtaining translations or medical authority certificates. 

Our experience and close connection with authorities shorten the process in many cases. 

Take advantage of our business services today 

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