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Audit of financial statements 

Both the business world and the broader public have become increasingly aware of the importance of diligent and professional auditing. Careful financial auditing is the foundation on which trust in the value of a company is built - and gaining trust of investors, the media and general public is essential.  

For this reason, we regard our financial auditing services as the basis for substantiating and communicating not only corporate value, but the financial and structural potentials of the institution being audited. 

Special purpose audits 

In addition to regular audit assurance, there is a growing need for the performance of special purpose audits: of which RSM Serbia is available to perform almost any type. Out of an inexhaustible list of examples, our special purpose audit specialists can assist in the following situations: 

  • Audit of fulfilment of contractual obligations: Donations and other benefits are often conditioned by the submission of an audit report. Various complex contracts require judgment and proof of fulfilment. In Serbia, investors are granted subsidies by government bodies (SIEPA, for instance) and the fulfilment of contractual obligations must be audited in order to gain approval for the subsidy. 
  • Audit of financial statements in case of status changes due to mergers or demergers: Any merger or demerger of capital is a complex operation that involves many stakeholders. In order to ensure that the given operation achieves the intended outcome, an audit report is a must. 
  • Audit of specific financial statement items: It is often necessary to examine total assets or specific items of an entity’s assets, or in other cases, its total liabilities or specific items of capital. Tax compliance has become an increasingly complex issue which requires an audit judgement. 
  • Audit of capital increase: In its essence, capital increase substantially changes the operating conditions of a company, which is why an audit must be performed and checked carefully to produce a certain outcome. 
  • ​Audit of prospective financial information: Prospective information needs independent verification, for which we are at your disposal. 


Audit of financial reports for projects/grants

RSM Serbia provides audit services of financial statements for projects/grants with the aim of assurance that grants are used in accordance with defined terms. We conduct our procedures with the aim to be assured that information stated in financial statement, are real, exact and eligible.

RSM Serbia team is continuously involved in grants audits and is composed of members from different positions authorized certified auditors, certified auditors, audit managers, senior auditors, and audit assistants.

RSM Serbia has years of experience in audits of both national and international donors. Some of the donors for whom we performed audits are:

  • National: Ministry of Youth and Sports RS, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue RS, Ministry of Health RS, City of Belgrade, City of Leskovac, Anticorruption Agency, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication RS, Ministry of Environmental Protection RS, and others.
  • International: OEBS, Balkan Trust Democracy, EU Commission (IPA, Horizon, ERASMUS+…), Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP, Civil Right Defenders, GIZ, Austrian development Agency and others
  • RSM Serbia is involved in second level audits for IPA I (programme SEE and HU-SRB), and for IPA II (programme HU-SRB and DTP).

RSM Serbia has all capacities and relevant experience needed for providing audit services in professional and timely manner.Enlist our corporate auditing services today 

RSM Serbia is part of the global RSM network comprising over 120 professional auditing firms. Our team combine a deep understanding of domestic regulation with knowledge of international best practices, helping our clients gain full confidence in their future.  

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