Malin Lanneborn awarded International Client Engagement Leader of the year


Malin Lanneborn, Authorized Public Accountant and Partner at RSM Sweden awarded International Client Engagement Leader of the year by RSM International. An annual award that recognises an individual within the RSM network who has demonstrated outstanding client service at an international level.


“Her understanding of her clients’ businesses and her curiosity to learn more extends outside of the audit engagement. Her proactive communication makes it easy to work with her, and her leadership results in deliverables being provided to clients and her colleagues around the world on a timely basis each year, always to the highest standards.”


Congratulations on the award. How does it feel? 
Thank you, it truly warms my heart. I feel incredibly proud that Sweden, which is a smaller firm within the network, is making a big impression internationally. The honor is shared by more than just myself. The award goes to everyone I work with in the audit teams, both nationally and internationally.

Can you tell us more about your international collaboration in terms of client assignments? 
For RSM, it is of the utmost importance to create a smooth process for our clients, regardless of where in the world they operate. Thanks to the RSM network, we have the opportunity to benefit from a greater breadth and competence regarding available resources. To dare to look beyond our own borders and realize the strength that our network actually represents is of the utmost importance. At a time when many companies choose to coordinate their financial departments geographically, the possibilities open up to use local teams that can be on site and act as the point of contact to RSM. 

What kind of demands does it make on technology and digital tools? 
Technology plays a decisive role for great teamwork. The fact that RSM offices around the world use the same tools creates a stable basis for collaboration. I believe it is extremely important that we all use the same platforms to be able to work efficiently and share information securely. 

Will we see an expansion and improvement of international cooperation the upcoming years? 
We have truly found an exciting opportunity here. I would like to see the international teamwork grow and flourish in the coming years. Working globally and sharing resources with each other is like an opening a door to a future full of exciting opportunities, both for our customers and ourselves. 


Again, congratulations Malin!