As soon as a person starts owning a certain amount of wealth, he or she is faced with a  number/plethora of questions: tax optimization, domicile change, retirement planning, inheritance, donation, trusts, investments in movable or immovable property, purchase of works of art, rights of residence, import and export of valuable goods, travelling with animals, transfer of business, etc.

Life in general is a journey. This journey can be relatively simple in a classic situation, but can be extraordinarily rich and complex in a situation where many projects are involved, especially if the person(s) involved are mobile. Because of the complexity of the various tax systems and their non-compatibility, it is simply impossible for a non-specialist to manage and control all these aspects. If you live a busy life, you have other preoccupations than making sure that all the smallest administrative details are taken care of. But it is precisely these small details that can lead to big complications, penalties and worries, which could have been avoided by addressing them in advance.

This is why we have set up a division within RSM Switzerland that specializes in private client services, known as "PCS", for "Private Client Service". This division, composed of agile and proactive tax specialists, is integrated into the RSM International working group of the same name.

Our extensive network allows us to address all international issues thanks to our strong presence in over 120 countries. In particular, our highly qualified staff can help you with the following questions:

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