Bank of Botswana is the reserve bank of Botswana and the most recent financial statistics can be downloaded from the Publications section of the website.  Absa (formerly Barclays), First National Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Stanbic Bank and Bank Gaborone are the firve largest banks in Botswana currently (June 2021).  First Capital Bank, BanABC and Bank of Baroda complete the list of banks in Botswana.  Botswana Savings bank is the licenced savings bank while Botswana Building Society has converted itself to a public limited company and is in the process of seeking commercial banking licence.

Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund is the largest pension fund.  Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited is listed on Botswana stock exchange.

Botswana Trade and Investment Centre is currently taking efforts to upgrade and upskill Finance and Knowledge Intense Business Services Sector.  Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants, Engineers Registration Board, Architects Registration Council, Real Estate Advisory Council, Quantity Surveyors Registration Council, Botswana Law Society, etc are public implementing agencies of the Government of Botswana regulating the profession of its respective business service providers.