Tax is an integral part of doing business. All too often, however, the requirements placed on an organization can be complicated. And this can be an unwelcome distraction from the things that you do best. Instead of struggling to get to grips with the finer details, why not turn to us? With our tax services, we'll help you work out your obligations – and where efficiencies can be made.  

Our tax advisory services are designed to benefit all companies – and achieve the same success. You could be a domestic business or an inward investor looking to capitalise on the potential we see in Botswana. Either way, our specialised tax services can be tailored to your exact needs. In doing so, you can have complete confidence that your regulatory compliance will be guaranteed.  

Why do you need tax advisory services? 

"Do I qualify for tax?", "When can I pay tax?", "How should I process my tax payments", "What are the repercussions of not paying on time?" 

Here are just some questions that every company in all industries tend to ask. Tax rules and regulations are not only complicated, but they also change from time to time. And this is where our tax advice and planning services come into their own. Our innate understanding of the rules and regulations means that you can trust us to keep your tax affairs in complete order. 

By outsourcing your tax compliance to us, you're assured of full compliance in areas such as: 

  • Self-assessment tax 
  • Annual company and personal tax returns 
  • Payroll outsourcing including monthly and annual withholding tax routines 
  • Tax clearance 
  • Value Added Tax 

What our tax services include 

Tax audit 

Tax audits can be cumbersome. Our tax services team can relieve the stress of this process by performing mock audits. The aim is to fully understand any errors and inconsistent practices in good time and to help rectify them.  

As tax law experts, we represent our clients in a number of ways. We can support inquiries or investigations, carry out tax-focused forensic audits, and work with tax attorneys on appeals and litigation work. 

Transfer pricing 

Under Transfer Pricing Regulations, there are five methods, five indicators and five comparability considerations. Applying them in terms of Botswana laws and OECD guidelines can often be hard – not least to match your specific needs. So, it calls for teamwork to see it through – our tax law experts working with your internal teams in partnership.  

As part of our tax solutions, we give you an overview and generic training in making appropriate transfer pricing policies. We'll also obtain information from you to prepare draft reports based on further research. We then issue final reports after board acceptance. 

Tax planning services 

To reduce your exposure risks, we provide tax advice before you sign a contract or undertake a project. It is important to consider tax before you invest. There's always the possibility that you must get specific approval orders from the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning. Approval is based on the economic and social benefits of the project – and you must be able to make this case. Our dedicated tax planning services can support you in all aspects of this. 

Tax manager training 

Our corporate tax support includes training that upskills your Tax Manager, Financial Accountant, or book keeper. We do this so that you can add value to your business – creating an in-house tax compliance resource. We also prepare tax manuals for your tax staff to refer to after training. 

Expat and international tax planning 

For overseas individuals and organisations, international tax planning is an essential service. It's what ensures you are fully informed about your tax requirements in Botswana. We're aware that many expatriates work here. So, use our tax advisory services to give your expatriate employees peace of mind. We offer the best Botswana tax advice – and can file their personal returns too. 

Get more information about our specialised tax services 

Is tax proving to be more than a handful for your business? Don't struggle alone. Turn to a team of tax law experts who can support you in all aspects of compliance and reporting. All companies can benefit from our tax services – call us on +267 3912805 or email us to find out how.