Setting your goals is one thing. Attaining them, however, is another. To hit the targets that you set calls for defining clear priorities. You must also focus your energy and allocate resources. It seems like a simple process because we often make the mistake of ignoring change. The reality can be much different, though. And it's where our high-quality consultancy services can help.  

It can be hard to adjust priorities, focus, and resource allocation as circumstances change. Your experience of what worked before may provide useful lessons. But this doesn't necessarily mean the same methods will work again in future. Our business consultancy services can support your strategic planning needs. And this ensures you're best placed to adapt and achieve your goals. 

Explore our corporate strategy services 

RSM Botswana delivers facilitation and consulting services to Government and parastatal clients. Everything we offer is based on a thorough understanding of what you need.  As balanced score card outsourcing professionals, we help you: 

  • Evaluate your current situation against stakeholder expectations and trends 
  • Set a strategic direction that adds clarity to your overall vision and mission 
  • Formulate strategies that are designed to help improve performance 
  • Identify key performance indicators that can better track performance 
  • Make sure that strategic initiatives align with your strategy and drive the right outcomes 

Our business consultancy framework 

We use a nine-step framework that is an accepted universal practice. 

Step 1: Assessment 

We analyse the current internal and external environments. This aims to examine and re-validate your mission, vision, and values. 

Step 2: Strategy 

We'll clarify your strategy in the context of the themes or focus areas in which your organisation should excel. This is done in an integrated manner from four perspectives – Financial, Customer and Stakeholder; Internal Process; and Organisational Capacity (or Learning and Growth). 

Step 3: Strategic Objectives 

Our outsourcing professionals will develop continuous improvement actions under each strategic theme. Once this is done, these actions are then merged to form organisation-level objectives. 

Step 4: Strategy Mapping 

At this point, our corporate strategy services will highlight the cause-and-effect relationships of aims across those four perspectives. 

Step 5: Performance Measures 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical to tracking the progress of your strategy. So, we develop these KPIs for each of the objectives as guided by your strategy map. 

Step 6: Strategic Initiatives 

There's no need to create a long list of potential actions or projects. Instead, it's important that you focus on how your higher priority initiatives are carried out. 

Step 7: Performance Analysis 

By viewing data at this point, we can enhance our knowledge and understanding. From this, we are better placed to advise you on what next steps are needed. 

Step 8: Alignment 

We cascade the strategies to individual teams, divisions, and employees. 

Step 9: Evaluation 

At the end of the process, we must evaluate the success of the strategic management system. It looks at how well the system improved communications, alignment, and the performance of day-to-day operations. 

Do you need risk advisory services? 

ISO 31000 provides a unique and unusual definition to risk. This is because it includes a sense of 'opportunity' within the remit of 'risk'. As such, it is a standard that goes some way to explaining the scientific decision-making process that is recommended to businesses. At RSM Botswana, we have built our risk advisory services on understanding what this could mean for you. 

Eight principles are the foundation of ISO 31000, which are themselves based on a five-element framework incorporating key processes and sub-processes.  

The five risk management elements are: Integrate, Design, Implement, Evaluate, and Improve. These also apply to the opportunity-seeking process. 

Meanwhile, the eight principles for managing risk include: Integration, Structure, Customisation, Inclusivity of all Stakeholders, Dynamic Nature, Best Available Information, Human and Cultural Factors, and Continual Improvement.  

Our risk advisory specialists are equipped to provide you with a thorough understanding of these principles. We'll help you apply these when building and implementing your own framework. And we'll also ensure that each principle is applied in an appropriate way. 

The risk management model 

At the heart of the risk management model are two key processes – Risk Assessments and Risk Treatments.  

There are three sub-processes when performing a Risk Assessment. It starts by identifying your risks, before analysing them and then evaluating them.  

There are also four essential, formal processes that need to be followed: 

  • Scope, Context, and Criteria 
  • Monitoring and Review 
  • Recording and Reporting 
  • Communications and Consultation

Our experience of providing risk advisory services teaches us that the COSO framework is widely used. It is very similar to ISO 31000. But the substantial difference is how context isn't given as much emphasis by COSO. Enterprise-wide application is, however, recommended by COSO. And ISO 31000 argues for risk management solutions to be applied to a division or a department. 

Risk management not only covers laws and regulations – not least those relating to anti-money laundering, counter financing of terrorism, company management, licensing, tax, or accounting. But it also ensures you are more agile, adaptable, and aligned to your value chain participants. 

Supporting your internal auditing requirements 

Internal auditing is another area covered by our risk advisory specialists. But it is not seen as a core function for most businesses. So, it often makes sense to use consultancy services such as RSM. Our specialists can cover all your internal auditing requirements. By doing so, you get the freedom of knowing that you'll be both compliant and more efficient as an organization. 

If you're keen to have your own internal auditing team, our outsourcing professionals will set it up for you. This is done strictly in line with standards defined by the Institute of Certified Internal Auditors based in Florida, USA. 

Financial consulting and support to benefit your business 

Transaction Advisory 

You'd never purchase a business without carrying out due diligence. At RSM Botswana, our risk management solutions extend to supporting due diligence in finance, law, and business-related matters. Even if you are pushed to agree on a price, don't forget to consult us to find the basis of that price. After due diligence, we can seek to adjust the price agreed using our findings.   

We can walk you through the entire transaction process. From due diligence and the drafting of your agreements to verifying the terms and receiving the keys – business consultancy services that we provide are complete and comprehensive to best serve you as the client. 

Initial Public Offering 

We're registered as advisers in the category of Reporting Accountants and Auditors by Botswana Stock Exchange. As such, we can act for issue of prospectus or for private placement. If needed, our outsourcing professionals can also find (or team up) with good Corporate Financial Advisers to list your shares on the Botswana Stock Exchange Tshipidi Counter.  

Valuations and loan applications or investor pitches 

Using our consulting services, you can ask us for valuations and to prepare business plans and loan applications. In addition, we can prepare detailed investor pitches if your plan is to find an equity investor and/or joint venture partner to drive your business forward. 

Get more details about our business consultancy services 

Our business outsourcing support is comprehensive in its remit. Our knowledge, expertise, and skills in numerous areas mean that RSM Botswana truly is at your service. To learn more about how our consultancy services can benefit you, please call us on +267 3912805 or email us