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Is Audit a Value-Add?

9 January 2019
Guru Gurumoorthi
When one thinks of audit and adding value, one thinks of the recommendations that an auditor makes to the management.  We will not dispute this fact.  What we are saying here is that even if an auditor were not to make such recommendations, audit in...

IFRS 15 Revenue from Customer Contracts

7 January 2019
Prosper Muonde
PRACTICAL TIPS TO RECOGNISE REVENUE FOR YOUR 2018 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS   2018 has come and gone. We are now in 2019 and preparing to close the 2018 books in order to produce financial reports for the 2018 financial year ending 31 December 2018 (or...

Restaurant on Sale in African Mall Gaborone

20 December 2018
Gassen Sinivassen ( would like to sell his restaurant business for about P 200,000.  Past 12 months' sales have been around P 800,000.  The Restaurant is located in African Mall, Extension 2, Gaborone.  Please approach him...

Spar for 3 generations

17 December 2018
Guru Gurumoorthi

General Practitioner needs a successor

16 December 2018
A general medical practitioner with decades of experience would like to retire.  Looking for a patient-centric and experienced general medical practitioner to succeed him in his practice (ngaka).  The succession plan that will be made when the...

Those Construction Companies That Stay

16 December 2018
There have always been great constructions companies in Botswana which executed great contracts in Botswana - be they bridges or dams or sophisticated and special-purpose buildings.  But strangely perhaps some of them did not exist for long.  Some...