Our Mission, Values and Strategy


Audit, Tax and Consulting firm of your choice igniting all round growth.


An audit, tax and consulting firm conferring the experience of the power of being understood to deliver authentic, tailormade and end-to-end solutions to address clients' ever-present growth needs  


Understanding - of staff, clients and ourselves.

Collaboration - with staff, clients, other RSM member firms and with other stakeholders in ways that clearly distinguish us from other networks.

Ideas and Insights - relevant to clients, their processes, industry - before using our professional skills in client environments.


  • Respect is the reward we give as fundamentally a human organization.  Confidentiality is a matter of respect for us.
  • Excellence is always the way we use professional standards in our day to day work.
  • Integrity is not our acquired talent but a natural lead.
  • Team work is the only work we do because our real work can only be done that way.
  • Stewardship is what makes every RSMer a great leader.


  • People are clearly our assets and we would like to give them a great place to work in Botswana and the world over.
  • Common methodologies keep us united in approach when serving national or transnational clients.
  • Growing specialist sectors is our way of enhancing our own natural strength and professional expertise.
  • Growing target markets is our conscious growth effort.
  • Improving market positioning is our continuous and deliberate initiative.
  • Accelerated growth is what we desire, always, and not just any growth.
  • Growing service lines is our efforts to 'sharpen the saw' and to challenge ourselves.