Other Sectors


There is a mini steel plant that makes billets out of scrap and produces construction steel and fencing standards from billets.  There is a foundry casting manhole covers.   We have a cement manufacturing facility not operating at optimal level.    We have diamond polishiing companies.

There are a lot of metal fabricators, mechanical workshops having sophisticated lathes, carrying out repairs and maintenance of spare parts and machinery components used in Mines.  Construction is a strong sector.  Roof tiles, floor tiles, PVC tiles are manufactured, as well as window and door frames.  Wood working factories are many.  There are repacking and bottling plants, for sugar, milk, grains, spices, rice, etc.  There are some agro processing units and tyre retreading plants.  We have manufacturers of packing and packaging material including plastics.  We have Furniture manufacturers including in micro business sector making guard houses, dog houses, garden furniture, etc.

Simply put most manufacturing processes according to our observation are backward integration of trading sector, particularly when they readily find local demand and saving in foreign exchange by importing raw materials instead of importing finished products.

Manufacturing sector is dominated by founder and family managed businesses.  Backward integrated manufacturing is dominated by privately owned companies.  Listed companies in trading sectors have manufacturing units particularly in food and FMCG processing industry.


Private general and specialist medical practices exist.  There are about 10 private hospital of various sizes.  2 x Large hospitals are part of South African  Chains including one listed in Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  Government has many hospitals and clinics providing subsidised medical facilities to Botswana citizens.


There are 4 or 5 private colleges, all having or trying to have regional presence.   There are many private junior and senior secondary schools some of them known internationally.  Government owns two large universities and most of junior and senior schools since education is subsidised.  Government sponsors many above average students to study abroad.  A lot researh is ongoing on the appropriate and relevant tertiery education.   We don't seems to see privately owned technical colleges, athough their presnce in the shape of Brigades is noted through Government ownership.