No matter which financial reporting framework is used in your organisation, RSM Botswana can provide the advice and support you need. Our expert financial reporting solutions are designed to ensure that your reports and statements are up to standard. Our services are tailored to the exact needs of our clients – whether it is a one-off engagement or ongoing, long-term support. 

What do our financial reporting services include?   

Financial reporting can be a complex area. It's why our clients benefit from the comprehensive services that we can provide. Thanks to our extensive skills and knowledge, RSM Botswana can support you in a number of specific disciplines: 

Book Keeping 

We're now in an era of cloud book keeping. Big companies use private cloud solutions for their accounting systems. "On Premise" applications, meanwhile, are preferred by small businesses and large trading houses where point-of-sale operations are key to their success.    

It's difficult for us to carry out off-site book keeping services. As an alternative, however, why not consider recruiting book keepers? Or make use of our own trained staff, who we'll place in your office on a full-time basis? By doing this, we can both provide book keeping services – or handhold and empower your employees. 

We're experts in Online or Cloud Accounting Software products such as Sage One, Xero, Quick Books Online, SYPRO, and Oracle Net Suite. As such, we can support with accounting software implementation and ongoing use. With our expertise, we can also perform specialist 'CFO'-type accounting tasks such as reviews of transactions, journals, and reconciliations.   

RSM always works with your employees as fully integrated members of your team.  

Annual Financial Statements 

We can prepare your annual financial statements in accordance with international (IFRS) and national (BAOA-GAAP) standards. We can also prepare entity-specific financial statements as and when these need to be submitted to Botswana Unified Revenue Service. 

Periodical Management Reports 

Let us prepare your financial statements on a periodic basis – or as you require them for your important business decisions. Our financial reporting solutions can include the preparation of 

board packs. And, if needed, we can take part in board meetings when needed – presenting management financial statements to the people that matter most in your organisation.  

Accounting software implementation 

Looking for the right accounting solution for you? We can help you source and implement the best software for you. If you're used an on-premise accounting system, let our team assist with the private hosting requirements so you can access the software from anywhere.    

Cloud software is a highly popular choice nowadays. Our accounting software implementation experience means you'll be able to get the right cloud software with our advice. You will also breathe that sigh of relief thanks to our payroll and human resource solutions.  

Outsourcing and process partnering 

Is accounting not your core function? Then, why not leave all your accounting to us? We give you whatever you require as part of our financial reporting services. This could include book keeping, accounting information, tax information, compliance, or bank reports. 

Own accounts department 

Sometimes, you might want to improve your own Accounts and Finance Department. For our team of specialists, it is easy. We build capacity in your finance and accounting function. And you'll get all the manuals and training your accounts department needs to work at its best. 

Businesoft Systems: Our software division 

Businesoft Systems can deliver specialist user training courses on Sage Products. This includes Sage 50 Partner, Sage 200 Evolution, Sage 300 Accpac, Sage 300 People, or Sage VIP Payroll and HR. All courses are accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority and Sage International.  

The courses are for users to fulfil their specific role on a practical daily basis. After RSM studies your systems and procedures, we can tailor the training to suit your company.  

Our training is part and parcel of accounting software implementation or support process. With HR products, you can automate your entire HR processes – like recruitment, training, appraisal and other HR interventions. 

Talk to someone about our financial reporting solutions 

To learn more about our financial reporting solutions, please talk to a member of our team. By discussing your needs, we can see how best our services can work for you. Phone us on +267 3912805 or email us today.