The ability to comply with all relevant laws and regulations is essential for any business. But it's also a demanding process. You need to keep on top of a broad range of considerations. This can take your focus away from the core functions of your organisation. Thankfully, it isn't something you need to do alone when you make use of our expert company and business law services.  

No matter what specific legal aspects affect your organisation, our company law specialists offer expert advice and support. Use the benefit of our knowledge and experience to get the solutions and answers you need. We help clients large and small to navigate what can be a tough area. It can make all the difference when it comes to compliance and effective corporate governance. 

Our company law services 

At RSM Botswana, we're your 'two-in-one secretary'. First, we consider matters relating to your company law compliance. Second, we offer sound advice on your corporate governance and the responsibilities of your board or leaders. Here are what our company law specialists excel in: 

Company law compliance 

As part of our company law services, we offer your company a registered office. But this is just the start. We'll file your secretarial returns that you can access online from the Companies and Intellectual Properties Authority. We'll also create Round Robin resolutions for any director and shareholder decisions.  

In addition, we can hold shareholder and director meetings. This is something that we can offer in person or via RSM-subscribed Zoom video calls. After the meeting takes place, our team will then distribute the minutes to ensure your business decisions are taken without delay. 

Corporate governance  

RSM Botswana can support you by providing director training and induction. Our company law services also include the preparation of King 3 or King 4 Corporate Governance documentation. After this, we can then report back to the Board on compliance, control, and risk issues.    

Our business law services 

When we act as your secretaries, our business law services mean you receive extra benefits. It includes expert advice on laws relating to factories, labour, trusts, taxes, licences, and permits. In fact, we can advise on any business law.  

If needed, we can provide more detail on specific laws that affect your business. From this, we will prepare a checklist of healthy business practices around the implementation of those laws. 

Common commercial agreements 

For complicated leases, business purchase agreements, shareholders agreement, and contracts of employment, we recommend you find an attorney. But, for common commercial agreements, RSM Botswana can help you in an instant. This includes preparing the heads of agreement. 

Immigration, labour, and licensing laws 

We know why you form companies – and it is clearly not to keep them idle. But you'll need the necessary licences or permits to operate (in addition to land). Our corporate business advisory services can help you secure these – or refer you to the appropriate professionals. 


Family trusts are often set up to pass a business onto the next generation – not just to protect assets or distribute income. Such trusts are conduits and, therefore, owe no tax other than any amount that beneficiaries would pay otherwise.  

When Trusts conduct business themselves, however, they pay tax. This can be a complicated topic and our business law specialists can put your trust in the picture. Find out if setting up a trust is the right option for you

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