For printer friendly RSM Botswana Company Profile please click the link ignite_growth.pdf.  Businesoft Systems our software division has its own profile - businesoft_systems.pdf.

Our Products are different

Your long-established, quality-conscious and customer-focused RSM Botswana renders audit, tax, advisory and consulting services differently.

  • Our audit engagements value adding in terms of exchange of expectations, interactive communications and preset time tables from before the year-end.
  • Our tax compliance procedures involve work sharing between RSM and Client teams
  • Our advisory division specialises in hand-holding while you invest and establish your business, way more than simply forming a company or opening a bank account or registering for taxes.  The division has experts in action not only to prepare your annual or periodical financial statements but also to complement your staff in enhancing your Organization’s accounting and finance procedures.
  • Our information technology division, called Businesoft Systems, is a pool of experts of Sage Accounting, Management, Payroll and Human Resource Software products and you get the products hosted if you like and installed and implemented in weeks.
  • We offer enterprise wide risk management services, enterprise management solutions and specialist training and coaching services in Sage Products, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance and Risk Management, besides preparing your business plans, valuations, finance and capital structure planning.

We exist for a different reason

We don’t just exist to serve you because it is our nature to serve you.  We exist only to create and nurse long lasting client relationships through assisting clients with economic growth by adhering to professional values and quality standards all the time.

What you don't see on our balance sheet!

Competent and motivated professional team, ongoing research on practice methodologies and service offerings and regular client experience management initiatives are the core characteristics of RSM Botswana.

What are our specialty segments?

Construction, Energy, Electronic Commerce, Education, Manufacturing including diamond polishing, Mass Trading and Services including banking and insurance. 

What are our specialty sectors?

Large private sector companies including those listed in Botswana or elsewhere, Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations and family and owner-managed companies from small to large with nationwide and international operations.

Welcome to Botswana and RSM Botswana!

In keeping with the traditions of Botswana, RSM Botswana takes pride in inviting foreign investors to invest in Botswana by rendering investor-oriented business advisory services.  Botswana is known for its investor friendliness. Botswana Government focuses on many initiatives to invite foreign direct investment. Initiatives gaining current emphasis are International Financial Services Centre infrastructure, tourism, diamond cutting and polishing, energy and infrastructure development. RSM Botswana supports these initiatives by facilitating local and foreign companies to set up and grow businesses in these sectors.

The Power of Being Understood

We are adaptable and so we develop an impeccable understanding of clients to confer to them THE POWER OF BEING UNDERSTOOD!  We are proactive and deliver on time every time to prevent possible occurrences of non-compliance, thus demonstrating to the clients THE POWER OF BEING UNDERSTOOD!  RSM Botswana teams work coherently and synergistically since all teams aim to satisfy clients through observance of professional values and quality standards.  RSM clients possess the POWER OF BEING UNDERTOOD!

International Affiliation

RSM Botswana is a member firm of RSM International, the 6th largest network of audit, tax and consulting firms, worldover.