Successful Entrepreneurs, What is the Value of your shares?

You are a great entrepreneur

You work very hard in  your business growing markets or developing products or managing talents or finance.  You have now created a great business and you are working very hard to make your business even greater.  Congratulations!  You are now a successful entrepreneur.  Of course you have challenges.  But you surely have strategies to tackle them and courage to face them because you are a successful entrepreneur.

What the value of your success?  Is that success value increasing day by day?  Satisfaction is one thing and success is another.  How do you improve the value of your successful business?

Find out where your business stands right now?  Find out the value of your business right now.  Decide on the target value.  Find out what you need to do right now to get to the target value of your successful business.  You surely can't do it on your own becuase of your business pressure.  It is a systematic effort that needs guidance and coaching.  Simply partner with RSM Botswana.

Are you the investing entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur working with passion in his business will need to move from 

  • “In” to “On” Business,
  • Products to “business as a product,
  • Working to Building,
  • Price to value,
  • Selling to customer satisfaction and development,
  • Dependence to independence,
  • Expansion to replication,
  • Employee supervision to talent management and
  • Too much and too many to a focussed few.

How do build business value?

It is a journey.  It is a process.  Consider taking up a business coach to promote yourself from an excellent entrepreneur to a great investor.  Look no further than RSM.  Simply email [email protected] and ask for a questionnaire for you to fill in about your business.  You will get RSM Botswana’s free evaluation report.  RSM Botswana will guide you all the way. 


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