Angel Network Botswana

[Updated in September 2020]

RSM Botswana Chairman Guru Gurumoorthi is also the Chairman of India Botswana Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  He is also a Founding Trustee of Citizen Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Botswana.  In a Master Class for Angel Investing organised by National Strategy Office at Global Expo on the 8th August 2019, he volunteered to convene a meeting  Chaired a meeting on Thursday the 15th August 2019.  Guru convened the promised meeting at Botho University Board Room which in fact is a historic event setting a new direction in Botswana Angel Investing environment.  That meeting witnessed a handover of Angel Network Botswana by the National Strategy Office to the Botswana Private Sector.  RSM Botswana is happy to see Borre Ananth Ram of Botho University and Lerumo Mogobe, a renowned attorney taking a lead in initiating the task force activities towards setting up of Angel Network Botswana.  

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