RSM Botswana has now revolutionised Botswana managment accountancy training in its efforts to make a somewhat similar agreement with the Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, UK.  These management accountancy trainees are currently creating history in day to day book-keeping, accounting, online accounting, bookkeeping training, handholding of accounting staff in clients' premises, partnering with clients in accounting and finance processes and in fact empowering employee accountants in every possible way. 

The pace of growth is amazing and it is simply the RSM way of empowering affiliates of the Chartered Institute to gain the much needed experience in order to ask for localistaion, when ready. 

In the process, they surely empower accountants working for clients to perform better in order to reduce expectations gap in financial accounting and management reporting.  [email protected] and [email protected] will only be thrilled to receive your emails.