No dormant company forms!  No more register for dormant companies.  Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) is going online from 3rd June 2019.  On and after 3rd June 2019, all companies should register online.  There is no exception.  Off-line registration is not possible.

All companies registered online are intended to be active and operating companies.  If they are registered and yet not active and operating, the expectation is that directors and shareholders will comply with the Botswana Companies Act in terms of filing all the necessary forms for changes in directorship, shareholding, registered office, etc. including annual returns.  Online registration system does not entertain dormant company registration.  If online forms and returns are not filed or updated on the basis that the company is not operating, then CIPA will deregister the companies. 

So the objective is to keep a current list of operating companies and those that intend to operate.  Even if they are really dormant, all forms and returns should be filed in order to validate company registration.  If not, you run the risk of de-registration.

Therefore when registering a company you should ready to start operating and there will be no exemption from annual Returns.

What if the deregistered company has a property?

If the company has a property and is deregistered, you may not re-register the property.  The property will go to the Consolidated Fund and you have to follow Court procedures to re-claim the property.

What about business names?

The same online registration applies to Business Names also.  But they should renewed once in 3 years.