Mentor Driven Capital Workshop

VC4Africa held Mentor Driven Capital Workshop at Botswana Innovation Hub on Thursday the 13th February 2020. 

The morning was consumed by mentor labs and mentor interactive sessions amongst the 14 selected and specially-invited mentors covering such topics as nature and type of business mentorship based on various stages of the startup.  Mentors gained clarity issues like focussing on the the founder-mentee and knowledge of industry.  VC4Africa's Mentor Driven Capital Handbook presented to each mentor not only contains detailed guidance but also templates for the mentorship engagement.  Guru, the Chairman of RSM Botswana attended the workshop and lead a small group session focussing on SME / Startup finance. 

The afternoon session started off with 14 selected entrepreneurs pitching for mentorship and VC4Africa matched the each mentor with an appropriate mentee.  Guru / RSM was matched with Mayi, the founder of a Data Analytics company that started only in October 2019.  The matched mentor-mentee sessions lasted for about an hour, followed by the mentor describing briefly on how the meeting went.  It was a great workshop filled satisfaction that start up mentorship scene has set in Botswana grandly.



Above: Guru spending time with Mayi, the entrepreneur who started a Data Analytics business just in October 2019.


Above: Group Mentoring on Finance - addressed to four great entrepreneurs - One gives bee hives to some 300 Northern Botswana bee farmers and collects honey and has captured 25% market share in Botswana, second one manufacturing pet food using natural and eco-friendly products, third one manufacturing rural engineering products continiuing the efforts of closed Rural Industries Innovation Centre and the fourth dedicated to making her website on price differential in FMCG market, the most apt project that can scale up unimaginably.  Below: Group photoes with 14 mentors and 14 matched mentees and the adminisrators, Melissa and Bertil from VC4Africa, Netherlands and staff of BIH.



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