Reliance enjoys the Power of Being Understood


Reliance Foundries is more than a foundry.  The name has "foundries" perhaps because the Group started off with a cast iron foundry in Palapye manufacturing Railway brake shoes, three-legged cooking pots and manhole covers that it is now know for.  At Ramotswa, Reliance Foundries has billet manufacturing facility all the way from Scrap to billets that gets fed into rerolling mills to produce construction products such as rounds of various diametres.  "Most of the products are exported to South Africa only for me to be surprised to find some of them here with traders in Botswana" says Mr. Subhash Kapur.

Both Mr. Subhash Kapur, the father and Sumit Kapur the son, have destroyed the belief that many have that Botswana is not good for manufacturing because of strong Pula or weak Rand or both.  Kapurs say "while strong Pula discourages exports Botswana Government has a proactive scrap export policy that assists them to compensate for the exchange loss through Botswana scrap price.  Rendering professional services to the satisfaction of the family managing Reliance simply gave RSM Botswana all the required expertise in standard costing, cost reduction, inventory valuation and such other specialist areas peculiar to Iron and Steel industry.

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