RSM Partakes in Botswana Innovation Hub's Coffee Session

Guru, our Chairman, addressed an audience of about 50 entrepreneurs between 10 am and 12 noon at Botswana Innovation Hub on Friday the 1st February 2019.  The topic was opportuniies for innovation in Botswana a for co-creating.  In fact this was more than a lecture.  It was a workshop where role plays took place between two teams, each making an observation with the other make comments on improvement of the product.  Audience enthusiastically participated in deliberations. 

A group observed that the low back sofas used in the auditorium was uncomfortable and the other group responded with a unique and yet to be seen product of a clip that could be mounted at the back of the sofa which could comfort the upper back of the person sitting.  There was an engineer who was requested to make a prototype and researcher who was requested to get the demand projections.  Guru offered to find investors if the project would make business sense.

Guru at the end came up with suggestions like, wood working incubation centres for Old Naledi wood workers, thatched roof incubation cetre for those near Dibete extensively engaged in that industry.  He suggested good and simple database programs for corporate governance and risk registers kept at BIH infrastructure by the technology entrepreneurs.  He also mentioned about the need for operational software for SACCOS and UNIONS.

Dr. Budzazani Tacheba, the Director of Innovation and Technology at BIH opened the event and Mme Tirelo Ramasedi, Entrepreneurship Development Advisor at Botswana Innovation Hub, introduced the speaker to the enthusiastic audience.  Mompolki Makwana a celebrated author, speaker and coach and Koziba Sebina a well known business coach spoke about entrepreneurship and leadership issues pertinent to innovation at the end, adding colour to Guru's lecture, nay, training session.


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