There have always been great constructions companies in Botswana which executed great contracts in Botswana - be they bridges or dams or sophisticated and special-purpose buildings.  But strangely perhaps some of them did not exist for long.  Some wind up and leave after the projects are complete or when they don't get any jobs, they move away or close down.  It is in fact commendable for when a construction company whithers the test of time and economic cycle to continue to exist for decades together.  It is not only the wisdom to diversify in other investments that yield income when the season (rather economic cycle) is low, but also constantly nursed and ever present curiosity to find construction products to build wealth if not just to survive.  We have a few long-lasting construction companies in our client list and we in deed learn a lot from them.

 asa.png GSP Construction, Selibe-Phiwe