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We enjoy reaching out business compliance services to those of you experiencing the Power of Being Understood.  We do not hear you.  We listen to you.  Many of you don’t react to the demand for compliance.  You respond without anyone demanding because you have accepted compliance.  Your commitment to compliance and your attitude to accept compliance is earning you respect and trust.  Where there is trust and respect, sharing of ideas and insights happen and innovation settles in permanently giving your business that transformational growth. 


Thanks for accepting compliance.  Thanks for being with us.  Together we will transform our businesses.  Here are some transformational ideas.



  • Even small and growing businesses need governance structures in order to achieve transformational growth.  Consider leadership labs and master mind groups.
  • You can always expand the scope of statutory audit beyond the Standards or legal requirement.



  • Please tell us what rate and type of tax you would like to pay for how long and in return how will you transform your business and resultantly the economy of Botswana.  Botswana Income Tax Act allows special dispensations for businesses that transform Botswana.
  • Paying legally minimum tax is a consideration before deciding on a business transaction, not after.



  • Make sure that your internal auditor has programs to check anti money laundering, counter-financing of terrorism and proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  You need to perform due diligence on customers, extended ones on prominent and important persons and have controls to detect money laundering and other criminal acts.
  • Consider making a trust to transition your business or to assist with succession plans.


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