Long gone are the days when you did books manually.  We can’t believe that you are still doing it that way.  Gone also are the days when you used an accounting software in your computer or server without you being able to see it from home or another office.  Well, you may still be doing it that way.  If it is the case, it is time for you to change now. 

Today, a lot of companies are using their own (licensed) Sage Partner 50, Sage Evolution 100 or 200, Sage Accpac 300 or Syspro accounting, management and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products hosted by hosting companies, such as MTN Botswana, Nashua, etc.

You have equally large number of companies that use cloud based software like Syspro Cloud, Accpac Cloud, Sage 1, Sage 50 Cloud, etc.  Anyone with user rights can process information or view or download reports wherever they are using internet.  These software products are web based and the cloud also in most cases belongs to the software companies.

A very big advantage of using cloud computing or hosted solution is that you can ask your Accountants to log into the software and doing accounting functions such as reconciliations, reviews and financial statements while you can ask your staff to make invoices, deposits, do expenses, etc.  You don’t need to run to your Accountant or there is no need for him or her also to run to you.

It is high time that you think of the right technology and the right software product that suits you.