Location Matters: Geolocation and Data Science [Part 1]

8 August 2022
By: José Manuel Peña, Director RSM Chile Technology

MiPymeLab: "Digital transformation of SMEs"

11 May 2022
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit companies hard, especially SMEs, which have had to turn to the digitalization of their processes in order to continue operating.

Demystifying data analytics to unlock value

11 May 2022
By: Jean M Stephens Chief Executive Officer RSM International and Sarah Belsham Partner RSM UK In the world of financial services, and even beyond, data analytics are becoming increasingly important to open up new areas of opportunity and potential for global businesses.

The renaissance of retail in the wake of COVID-19

11 May 2022
By Damian Webb, Partner, RSM UK

The rising tide of cyber attacks has implications for businesses everywhere

10 May 2022
By: Conrad Prince  Former deputy head of GCHQ