Tax Advice

Simplify your company’s tax management.

Fiscal Consulting

Companies in Chile need a portfolio of services to help you optimize your tax load, reduce tax risks, and comply with the legal parameters established in the country. 

RSM offers in-depth and updated knowledge of local and international rules and regulations through collaboration with tax professionals from the network in 120 countries. 

Our services:

  • Recurring tax advice.
  • Preparation of annual income tax returns and affidavits.
  • Advice on new tax regimes & preparation of new tax records.
  • Review of historical taxable retained profit ledgers (FUT) and remaining credits.
  • Tax refund applications & Preventive tax diagnosis.
  • Tax Due Diligence for business acquisitions and sales.
  • Quantification of tax effects in reorganization processes.
  • Preparation of expertreports.
  • Tax compliance audits & Tax regularizations.
  • Appearance before the SII (Chilean tax authority) in audit processes.

Stay informed accurately about regulatory and tax changes with the help of our professionals.

Companies are constantly facing changes in tax regulations and greater requirements from the tax authority, making it difficult to maintain an area of professionals dedicated exclusively to tax compliance and tax planning. For this reason, hiring external services specialized in tax matters has become a business strategy that can make a difference.

In this context, important companies have opted for our services, since they have the possibility of delegating to specialists some sensitive aspects of their operation in tax matters, which allows our clients to focus on activities aimed at strengthening their business strategy.

We have two lines of business; tax compliance and tax consulting, specially defined to cover the needs of companies in the most diverse industries.

By contracting tax services with our firm, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Identify areas of opportunity to strengthen your tax strategy.
  • Reduce the time your company’s personnel spends on tax compliance requirements.
  • Minimize risks and potential tax contingencies, thus a voiding possible fines and administrative penalties by the tax authority.
  • Receive timely and accurate information on changes in laws and regulations that may apply to your operation.
  • Be certain that you are instrict compliance with your tax obligations and with the regulatory framework without making excess payments.
  • Feel supported when disputes a rise with the tax authority.
  • Achieve an evaluation of their projects from a highly specialized fiscal perspective.

Tax consulting services include the following:

  • Technical reports on highly specific tax matters.
  • Business reorganization.
  • Restructuring of family assets.
  • Treatment off oreign investments and pay ments a broad.
  • Application of double taxation agreements.
  • Professional Training.




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