Accounting, Payroll & Back Office Services

RSM can assist you with your day-to-day administrative needs by a package of complete services which can improve your accounting, payroll and tax procedures.

With RSM’s outsourcing solution, your organization can get on with running the business, knowing that all accounting and tax compliance needs are being met by an expert.

Our BPO services can work either by outsourcing the entire process or by performing monthly and annual reviews, including training and support in accounting and tax information management, allowing you to focus on your business and not on secondary tasks.

Our services:

<p>Through our accounting outsourcing services, we provide reliable, timely and technically sound information to support your business decisions.</p>

Our team has the experience and technological support to provide timely compliance in all monthly or annual filings and affidavits.

In scheduled visits we can help you review your accounting and remuneration, assist you in your monthly tax returns, advise and train your administrative staff in these and other matters inherent to your business administration.

Service designed for companies that do not have administration. This service allows you or your company to have specialized advice to comply with accounting and tax regulations in our country. Foreign companies can additionally hire the service of representation before regulatory agencies.

We offer you our Magnus ERP with electronic invoicing. We also provide collection management and pertinent reporting services.

  • Remuneration calculation, termination and social laws.
  • Accompaniment to regulatory institutions.
  • Implementation and transition of accounting and management systems.

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