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La sostenibilidad empresarial: ¿gasto o inversión rentable?

26 October 2016
Porque debemos considerar dos nuevos accionistas en la propiedad de la empresa, a saber la comunidad y el medio ambiente. Estos accionistas han tomado más fuerza después de la crisis económica del 2008 y actúan así mismo como veedores permanentes  sobre el quehacer de las empresas y sus externalidades. La ciudadanía conectada en las redes sociales a nivel mundial se comunica cualquier irregularidad en el comportamiento ambiental o social de las empresas y se moviliza en oposición.

Reportando las acciones de sostenibilidad - Una oportunidad para las grandes y pequeñas empresas

26 October 2016
El mundo empresarial del siglo XXI está sediento por modelos gerenciales que le permitan no sólo ser más eficientes y competitivos, sino modelos que le permitan enmarcarse en acciones justas y solidarias para el fortalecimiento del capital social y acciones que generen un menor impacto negativo al ambiente.............

Uploading and configuring custom display templates in SharePoint

7 October 2016
In the second post of this series, “Creating and understanding display templates,” I explained how to create new display templates by understanding the structure and the essential elements.

Moving your file shares to an ECM platform

7 October 2016
As an organization approaches a migration from network file shares , one of the most difficult thing to do is get started. The shear amount of information and documents spanning across years of accumulation can seem insurmountable.

What is Microsoft’s ECM strategy?

7 October 2016
Depending on what you read, Microsoft’s ECM (Enterprise Content Management) strategy of cloud first, mobile first which are the tools were using to collaborate with now, will look similar but be used differently in the future.

File share migration into SharePoint

7 October 2016
Remember the ubiquitous file shares which end up as the central document repository for many organizations. This document repository becomes crucial for the business as it stores all the important business documents required by the employees to do their day-to-day job.

Utilizing managed navigation to load SharePoint online pages faster

7 October 2016
Recently, while working with a client we were asked to speed up page load times for SharePoint online.  This client had implemented structural navigation with five sub sites and each of those having another hand full of sub sites.  After browsing for the first time to the site, I noticed the behavior and took a deeper look.

Term and synonyms in SharePoint

7 October 2016
Information architecture in SharePoint is dependent on the industry and the type of business. Recently, our team engaged in a SharePoint information architecture and discovery session for a construction engineering firm.

Migrating Outlook content to SharePoint

7 October 2016
Organizations have begun to explore the option of migrating some of the Outlook content they share to SharePoint, due to the limitations they have experienced with file sharing over and over again.

Calculated column formulas in SharePoint

7 October 2016
Typically, you can create a calculated column in SharePoint to help you control the outcomes you receive. Recently, a client asked how to format a column if the source column is left blank and as many know, formulas in a SharePoint calculated  column can be difficult to work with since they are not identical to Excel or Access formulas.


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