Welcome to RSM.

Having originally started in 2007 as Benady Cohen & Co and then having gone on to grow into one of Gibraltar’s leading professional services firms over the last ten years, RSM Gibraltar is committed to enabling clients through a greater understanding of what matters most to their business.  

In addition to our considerable local knowledge, we draw on our international reach and scale to ensure clients stay at the forefront of the world’s best practices, technology and innovation within a rapidly changing global economy.

It is our strong, collaborative approach that differentiates us. We will strive to truly understand you, your strategies and your aspirations and endeavour to be considered the adviser of choice to your business. By sharing the ideas and insights of our most senior professionals, we bring our expert local and global knowledge and resources to your environment, so you feel understood and empowered to move forwards with confidence.

We dig deeper to truly understand every client and the business environment they are operating in and, by doing so, we identify emerging opportunities and pre-empt challenges with the right solutions.

This is the power of being understood. This is the RSM experience and our commitment to you.

RSM values

RSM’s business principles are founded on a culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to constantly exceed client expectations.

Underscoring our ideas-driven and responsive approach to continuous improvement is an insatiable desire to better grasp client needs, strategies and aspirations.

The more intimately our most senior professionals understand your business, the better placed they are to jointly identify and implement the right sustainable solutions and opportunities, through a relationship forged on mutual respect.

By sharing our invaluable knowledge and industry acumen, we aim to empower every client to maximise their true business potential.

Greater understanding from the mutual exchange of ideas and insights with our most senior professionals empowers clients to move forward with confidence.

The RSM International Network

As the world’s sixth largest audit, tax and consulting network, the RSM global nexus of member firms draws on more than 64,000 people in over 820 offices, across 120 countries - including the world’s top 40 major business centres - to help guide clients through business challenges, both locally and seamlessly across borders.

Multinationals working in multiple markets can expect to experience the same commitment to quality and excellence across RSM’s vast global network. That means providing in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the relevant local rules and regulations spanning different jurisdictions.

In addition to these core services, RSM member firms also offer a wide range of specialist international services, such as wealth management, IT, consulting, legal and risk advisory, forensic accounting, human resource consulting, and global compliance reporting.