The internet has revolutionised the way business activity is conducted. Not only local markets but global markets are available by executing an efficient swift transaction from your IT office workspace. Business owners and customers are discovering the advantages in internet transactions as opposed to "brick-and-mortar" operations.

Following initiatives made by the Government of Gibraltar to establish Gibraltar as an International E-Business Centre, Information and Communications Technology is at the centre of most local institutions from education, judicial and other Government departments through to banking and other financial services to gaming, leisure and entertainment. In order for Gibraltar to be at the forefront, e-businesses are supported by a faster and more reliable framework of communications, infrastructure and legislation thus facilitating efficient electronic trade. With the regulations in place, the introduction of The Electronic Commerce Act (TECA 2001) and the liberalisation of telecommunications, Gibraltar is an attractive jurisdiction for entrepreneurs in the e-world.

At RSM we can advise you on the management of your e-business to assist you in achieving your business goals. Our knowledge of the e-business sector and the main bases of e-commerce allows us to provide you with a solution to assist you in the start-up of your e-business and its fast and profitable development in international markets and channels. Our global approach through our extensive RSM network can offer you the following package comprising of:

  • Business planning
  • Technology consulting
  • Accounting, tax and management automation to support growth
  • Partner selection
  • Cross-border strategy

How can we help you?

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