Welcome to the RSM Audit (Gibraltar) Limited 2019 Transparency Report.

Our report complies with the Gibraltar Financial Services (Auditors) Act 2009 and Regulation (EU) No 537/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of public-interest entities.

An audit firm is required to prepare an annual Transparency Report that meets the requirements of Article 13 of the Regulation. This regulation is applicable for financial years beginning on or after 16 June 2016. Therefore, this would be our third year that we publish our transparency report on our website www.rsm.gi

This year is also our third anniversary with the RSM brand. We are delighted to form part of a strong and pioneering network. RSM operates as a ‘unified, global brand’, ensuring clients benefit from shared knowledge and best practice wherever they do business as well as being able to rely on quality local experience and understanding.

The Global RSM network has seen an increasing number of international, dynamic, middle market businesses choosing to work with RSM. We reported a 5.9% global fee income growth for the year ended 30 June 2018 with total fee income increasing to $5.4bn. Twelve months of growth have been spearheaded by an increase in the network’s consulting services, with revenues up 14.5% on 2017. The introduction of GDPR, increased cross-border trade risk and the growing threat from cybercrime have all provided new opportunities to extend relationships with clients.

Our investment in people continues where we seek to recruit the best out there. The coming year would see a new senior member who will enhance our financial services audit package.

The RSM service package offered to clients by our local practice is supported by other service lines offered by three associated firms with the aim to provide clients with a ‘one stop shop’.

Following on from its success as a pioneer in the e-gaming market, Gibraltar’s developmental focus has shifted towards creating a reliable, regulated and trustworthy FinTech hub. Synonymous with the jurisdictions’ flexible and adaptive approach, RSM is well placed to guide you and help you get a head start on the rest with your digital asset business by offering a range of services including tax & business advisory and audit & accounting.

Our Firm encourages our people to partake in philanthropic activities and provide pro-bono services to local charities, in particular we have been active in Walk for Life, FreeTheKnee and Tangier Home. This year for RSM World Day we took time away from our day-to-day responsibilities to see the bigger picture, with our colleagues and community. In addition to a team building exercise we helped the local community with a focus on ‘green’ and charitable activities.

In respect of Brexit, we believe that the work being undertaken by the Government and Industry together with   multi-faceted dimension of RSM Gibraltar, will put the business in good stead.

We are looking forward to the coming year, working with our clients, stakeholders and within our community.