Sitting at the gateway to Europe and Africa, and as the largest bunkering port in the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is strategically placed to base your shipping operations. Gibraltar has indeed become an important port in particular for luxurious launches and superyachts to go transatlantic and is consolidating itself as a maritime centre of excellence.

The Gibraltar shipping sector has experienced significant growth since the Gibraltar Maritime Administration attained 'White List' status under the Paris MoU on Port State Control. In addition to offering a full range of competitive marine services, including bunker fuel, supply provisions and spare parts, and high quality berthing, Gibraltar’s Registry of Ships is an EU member states’ register entitling it to certain privileges such as EU cabotage. Gibraltar is also a Category One Red Ensign register, the only one in the EU other than the UK. Its category one status allows Gibraltar, as an international shipping registry, to register ships of unlimited tonnage, type and length. Any vessel registered in Gibraltar is a “British ship” and offers ship owners the opportunity to be able to fly the Red Ensign without incurring high costs.

The shipping industry is also exposed to a challenging economic environment with volatile freight rates and vessel values together with increased regulations and environmental matters.  We have been studying these issues and have formed the basis to provide the right service package to meet the needs of the shipping industry. We have experience working alongside shipping related structures from publicly listed and family owned shipping companies to ship management companies. We can provide you with the following services:

  • Quality audit
  • Book-keeping services
  • Payroll for the crew
  • Tax advisory
  • Group restructuring
  • Yacht registration

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