In an unpredictable business world, sometimes a change of course is required to steady the ship. Our restructuring services cater to organisations and their stakeholders in order to provide tailored business restructuring solutions at every stage of the organisational life cycle. 

From delivering effective turnaround strategies to looking ahead to emerging financial risks, we can help you brace for change. Our corporate restructuring advice is robust and direct where necessary, but also offers the simplicity and impact to make your tailored recovery plan viable. Where a restructure isn’t an option, our insolvency services will help your business to realise its value, and respectfully navigate what is always a tough path. 

Turnaround or winding down, our business restructuring services will deliver 

Every business is different, and therefore every set of risks a business faces presents a unique challenge to the organisation concerned. Where serious threats present themselves, such as trading losses, cash flow issues or objections posed by creditors, clients or suppliers, it’s imperative you react accordingly. 

Our business restructuring services ultimately carry the objective to avoid business failure, and as such, they carry a variety of dynamic and effective corporate restructuring solutions with them. While there’s no doubting the difficulty and demand of any restructuring venture, our corporate restructuring advisors are well versed in helping organisations find the path of least resistance. 

Insolvency navigation is a path no business wants to go down, but if the time does come, there is still plenty of work to be done to ensure the business in question achieves the value it should and effectively counters any issues thrown up in contentious situations. Our liquidation services are tailored to offer just that, and our extensive experience of restructuring and insolvency across global markets sees us well placed to help your business overcome its biggest challenges, no matter what they are. 

The key facets of our restructuring and liquidations services are to: 

  • Develop an effective turnaround strategy 
  • Manage risk by simplifying corporate structure 
  • Monitor emerging financial risks 
  • Realise value and optimise the outcome of a formal insolvency 
  • Identify and recover assets after contentious insolvency 
  • Navigate an accelerated transaction 

Why choose RSM’s corporate restructuring services? 

There are a number of reasons why we’re considered high-end restructuring specialists on the global stage: 

  • We get to know your business inside and out, enabling us to come up with truly impactful and resolute business restructuring solutions. 
  • Our national and international network of advisors and restructuring specialists work in conjunction to produce the best possible restructuring solutions. 
  • We offer round the clock, dedicated and tailored support to help you overcome the challenge you’re facing as quickly as possible. 
  • We value offering proactive, robust and independent advice above all else, always looking to find the solution needed rather than the solution desired. 

As licensed insolvency practitioners, we can help our clients:

  • improve recovery rates and lower fees;
  • manage emerging financial risks through bespoke alerts;
  • better predict revenue stream, and prevent missed cases;
  • improve outcomes at creditors’ meetings;
  • lower admin burdens;
  • gain strategic business insights; and
  • reduce debtor days and write-offs.

When an organisation is being pressed by creditors or regulators, and neither a correction nor a restructure is available, it is essential directors take advice on their position and their legal obligations.

Unsurprisingly, this is unfamiliar territory to many. But, seeking immediate advice can help to protect and preserve the organisation’s retrievable value. Acting promptly can lead to a better outcome for stakeholders than originally anticipated.

Though the circumstances may be difficult, our insolvency practitioners can exercise damage limitation, manage exposure to loss, and where possible realise value.

When necessary, we can step in at short notice to act as administrator, administrative receiver, supervisor or liquidator.

We are experienced in handling corporate and personal insolvencies.

Our international presence across 120 countries enables us to recover overseas assets in many jurisdictions.

The cases that our team investigates include:

  • court appointed receiverships;
  • compulsory liquidations; and
  • bankruptcies.

If you feel you may be able to benefit from our services, please contact a member of the team.

How can we help you?

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