In recent years, the fund industry in Gibraltar has seen rapid and impressive growth, and it continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. As a result, Gibraltar has become a jurisdiction of choice for individuals and companies considering where to base investment funds.

RSM Gibraltar, has been at the forefront of this development, and administer funds based in Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands.


Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) regulates EU AIFMs managing all EU and non-EU collective investment vehicles. AIFMD applies to all regulated and non-regulated funds. 

We provide a regulatory advice and assistance with: 

- Authorisation and registration; 
- Ongoing reporting requirements; 
- Private Equity Depositary services;

Fund accounting and valuation

- Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly net asset value calculations as required; 
- Maintenance of accounting records of the fund; 
- Recording trades, cash transactions, corporate transactions; 
- Calculation of fees and accruals including series accounting for equalisation provisions; 
- Preparation of financial statements in accordance with both UK and International Financial Reporting Standards; 
- Coordination of audit process; 
- Preparation of regulatory reports and liaison with regulators; and 
- Ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.


If your Fund is established as an EIF in Gibraltar, in addition to your own board nominations, you will be required to appoint at least two Gibraltar resident directors authorised by the Gibraltar FInancial Services Commission ("GFSC"). 

RSM senior management are licensed and authorised by the GFSC to provide such services. 

Through RSM, we are also able to provide locally based directors and authorised signatories for associated holding and management companies.

Non - Gibraltar Funds

We can also provide fund administration services to funds domiciled in other jurisdictions including Cayman Islands, Bahamas and BVI.

Shareholder/transfer agency services

- Maintenance of share register and shareholder details 
- Process subscriptions, redemptions and transfers 
- Distribution of shareholder statements and communication with shareholders as necessary 
- Verification of each shareholder and ensuring compliance with anti money-laundering guidelines 
- Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks


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