Globally , the energy sector is in a constant state of change as consumption levels rise and climate change presents new challenges. Differences in tax legislation, rising costs associated with major projects and increasing environmental and safety requirements can present significant challenges to organisations seeking to grow existing operations and expand into new areas.

RSM has wide experience of working with clients in the energy and natural resources sector, including oil and gas exploration and production, mining and renewables.

Wherever you are in the world, RSM’s specialist energy and natural resources team have the expertise you need to develop and grow your business. From improving tax efficiencies to complying to regulations, our team will support your goals.

Importantly, we have a thorough understanding of best practice in the energy, natural resources and renewables sectors. This specialist expertise means we can add value to your business and provide practical help across a range of areas including: early warning of key issues and changes to regulation, tax and compliance standards.

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