Audit & assurance services

Our audit team caters to a broad range of clients active in various commercial and industrial sectors including charities, e-business and internet, education, energy and natural resources, financial services, funds, healthcare, insurance, leisure and hospitality, private equity, real estate and construction, retail, shipping, sports and transport and logistics.

Our audit approach employs rigorous standards of professional independence, scepticism and objectivity. Our methodology focuses on critical risk areas and brings together technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client and its industry.  This process ensures that the audit is carried out efficiently while at the same time seeking to eliminate the risk of material misstatement or error.

We adopt a pragmatic, proactive approach when dealing with difficult audit issues and recognise that the best means to a resolution is timely and open discussion of the issues.

We aim to guarantee a smooth audit from the client planning meeting to signing and distributing the financial statements. Communication and co-operation with management and/or service organisations are key throughout the audit process in order to ensure a timely audit and also to meet tight reporting deadlines.

Wherever possible we will attempt to reach a resolution satisfactory to all parties.  However, we remain robust in our opinion and in our role as independent auditors.

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To audit or not to audit?

Not all businesses need an audit but should you avoid auditors at all costs? If you are a growing business, or are considering a sale or flotation, an audit could help you ensure you have ‘all your ducks in a row’ in good time and are more appealing to investors. Alternatively, speak to us about other forms of assurance, including a non-statutory audit, which can help reassure stakeholders that your business is performing, that risks are being mitigated and that you’re complying with legislation. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help.